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The Kinnickinnic River

The Kinnickinnic River Trip Early April 2010

I have lived in Milwaukee all of my life and have always wondered what the Kinnickinnic River looked like. Alternatively and maybe more correctly spelled, Kinnickinnic is said to mean "What is Mixed"I have a good idea of what the Milwaukee River looks like because I live on the East Side and have frequented many of the Public Parks along it; Riverside, Hubbard, Estabrook, Lincoln and Kletzsch.

“What would I see if I traveled the Kinnickinnic River today?” “How far does it go, this one of Milwaukee’s three rivers with a catchy name?’
Well having owned a boat for only two years now and I am forty three I decided to put my curiosity to an end regarding this. In early April of 2010 I took a trip up the Kinnickinnic River. It was cold later in the day and the boat ramp was full of logs but that did not dissuade me.

I took some pictures and decided to present them for you here.

If you have a professional interest in any of these stock photographs I can be reached at TMPHOTO@WI.RR.COM.
About half way up the river I did manage to throw out a Beetle Spin fishing lure and get a very toothy bite, but did not catch any fish. There are plenty of signs they are present.

It was a very interesting trip, my small boat traveled alongside docked oceangoing vessels whose propeller was larger than my boat. I traveled past a coal yard with hoppers, a restaurant on the river at a marina, drawbridges, floating branches, under bridges where there were sleeping bags for homeless, past brush where there was bicycles stashed, I saw three boys throwing rocks in it with a church with two golden peaks in the distance behind them, I traveled past many inlets or small ports for boats, some vacant land awaiting development, I saw the Allen Bradley clock tower in the distance, old boats docked that looked to have a lot of nostalgia, young adults crossing bridges I went under and waving, the US Bank building in the distance, some geese, the UW Water research facility- I asked myself why they hadn’t taken a boat and picked up the debris or junk at least for the sake of analysis, I traveled past that smelly tanning hide factory, under bridges or near them where you are not supposed to anchor, past grain hoppers most likely put to reuse after Milwaukee’s beer baron descendents failed to keep up the businesses, etc, But you can see all these pictures for yourself right here.
I took some nice pictures of flying Geese and wondered if they lament about the dirty water!

God bless those who think.

Copyright 2010 Thomas Paul Murphy

A more complete set of pictures can be found at:
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